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Year: 2019

gravel wishlist for 2020

My gravel comfort-focused wish list for 2020

It is the end of the year but instead of making a prediction for 2020 I have created a wish list of things I would like to see in the next 12 months on gravel market. Naturally, they are all […]

CushCore tire suspension inserts

CushCore comfort improving inserts review

Tires are the first and most important suspension for a gravel bike but to gain most of it you have to run a tire with the lowest possible air pressure. This comes at a cost of bottoming out the rim […]

Jamis Renegade Exploit

My benchmark bike – what is new?

Since the beginning of my gravel bike comfort challenge project, I have tested various bike parts and solutions that should improve the overall riding comfort. Not all of them were great but many have found the way to my benchmark […]

Specialized Diverge Comp

Specialized Diverge Comp 2020 review

Without wasting no time I will say that this is one of the most, if not the most comfortable stock gravel bike you can buy right now. Why? Let me explain… A great gravel bike is for me something like […]

I did a bike fitting. Should you?

I think you should. But if you are not convinced let’s go step by step in the process of a proper bike fitting session and see how much you can do alone. And how you can miss the target, as […]

SPank Vibrocore 12 Handlebar

Spank Vibrocore Flare 12 handlebar review

Comfort for me is a mixture of low vibrations level and good ergonomics of the bike. Up to this point, my reviews were focusing on the vibrations, so now I think it is a good time to talk more also […]

Cane Creek eeSilk suspension seatpost

Cane Creek eeSilk elastomer based suspension seatpost review

If you want to improve the rear-end comfort of your bike you have a lot of options. Ergon / Canyon flexing seatpost, Specialized CG-R seatpost, spring-based Kinekt 2.1 or upcoming Shockstop suspension seatpost are most noticeably examples. But there is […]

650b wheels and tires

650b vs 700c: which is more comfortable? Part 1.

Almost any recently introduced gravel bike offers the ability to run both 700c and 650b wheels. The latter is a very popular option especially because it should offer better traction and overall comfort due to increased tire volume. I wanted […]

Lauf Grit SL

Lauf Grit SL suspension fork review

There is a lot of different solutions for improving riding comfort on a gravel bike (many of them I already tested) but there is still nothing like a Lauf Grit suspension fork. A truly unique construction that polarizes not only […]

Kinekt 2.1 suspension sestpost

Kinekt 2.1 suspension seatpost review

I like a comfortable ride very much. So I like to test and use everything that improves comfort of my rides. But at the same time, I like riding fast and having fun on my bike. The first thing suspension […]

GT Grade Carbon Expert 2020 review

There are so many new gravel bikes on the market that promises a great level of comfort. Among them is a new GT Grade Carbon which offers a great level of comfort thanks to it’s floating seatstays. I tested it […]