Meet Rating Challenge: rate your bike parts mobile app


For the last 18 months, I have been testing bike and bike parts to find out which are the most comfortable yet fun to ride. But this was me… and now I want to invite all of you to download my Rating Challenge: rate your bike parts app (on Google Play you have to put the whole name to find it) and rate your comfort improving bike parts both in terms of comfort and fun.

Using this app is very easy. You just search for a bike part that you want to rate and if it is not there yet, add it. Then rate it and take the picture of it so I can be sure that you are rating a product that you really have. Why I did this part mandatory? Because I really want to make this rating as objective and useful as possible. Real rates and real value of this rating (and the ranking based on your rates). I have also added a possibility to ask owners about the product they have rated so you can have quick and useful answers (so you can make a well-informed buying decision).

Please download the app (it is available both on iOS and Android) and start rating your bike parts. Also, tell your friends about it because the more rates it will have, the more useful it will be when finding the most comfortable and fun to ride bike parts. And if you have any suggestions or you find something that needs to be fixed, just let me know below in the comments!

I can already tell you that I am working on additional functionality (recommendations based on your ratings and ratings of those who rate similarly to you) so please not only use this app but also rate honestly so you will benefit most from those future recommendations!

Thanks and see you soon, when I will announce the second big project of mine for 2021!