Find the most comfortable gravel bike and bike parts.

comfort challenge

to find the most comfortable yet still fun to ride gravel bike possible

Gravel biking is my thing. I enjoy very much freedom that gravel bikes offer. I can go fast on the road in one minute and pushing the limits on a gravel route in the next one. But my enjoyment comes mostly from the fact that my bike offers not only fun but also a very comfortable ride. This is crucial because after 12 months of testing different bike parts and gravel bikes I discovered that even the greatest level of comfort, but at the cost of fun is no good. So I always look for the best possible comfort without losing the fun factor.

My quest for the most comfortable yet still fun gravel bike means that I am very interested in testing all possible solutions that can improve the comfort of riding on my bike. At the same time, the bike industry is catching the comfort theme more and more by introducing bikes like Cannondale Topstone Carbon with KingPin rear suspension or BMC URS with MTT micro-suspension. I am very interested in testing them too and comparing the results with my current, benchmark bike.

The word TESTING is a crucial one in this project. A lot of bike manufacturers but most importantly a bike reviewers claim that this bike or that solution is the most comfortable. I do to like to have a subjective opinion in that matter but I want to back it up with the most objective yet real-life testing possible.

That is why I came up with my own methodology to test the level of comfort of the bikes (and its parts that can increase overall comfort both front and rear). Please visit the methodology section where I described with details my approach to finding the most comfortable gravel bike in the world and please do not hesitate to write to me at if you have, well, ideas of how I can enhance or improve my methodology to get the most accurate results.

Everything I do here is to find/make the most comfortable gravel bike possible … or at least more comfortable than my current benchmark bike. So if you feel that you have a part that will make my bike even comfier please do not hesitate to contact me at And dear bike companies, if you feel that your bike will be more comfortable please take my comfort challenge and contact me as well. I will gladly put it to the test and report if this indeed is the case…