Find the most comfortable gravel bike and bike parts.

Coefficient Wave handlebar review

The handlebar is somehow like a saddle. You have to find the right one or work a little bit harder to get accustomed to the one you are supposed to enjoy. Wave handlebar is the best example of that idea. […]

Ritchey WCS carbon VentureMax handlebar

Ritchey WCS carbon VentureMax handlebar review

The handlebar is a very interesting bike part when comfort is considered. You can look for more flexy, carbon handlebar for better vibration absorbing properties but you also have to choose the one, that you will feel the most comfortable […]

Canyon Grail 650b

650b vs 700c: which is more comfortable? Part 3.

This is the last article in the 650b vs 700c trilogy. First was all about the maximum comfort so I tested everything on a fully equipped bike (Lauf Grit SL fork, suspension seatpost and suspension stem). Then it was all […]

PNW Coast suspension dropper post review

I have tested many different suspension seatpost but never a suspension seatpost that is also a dropper post. PNW Coast suspension dropper post is one of the rare examples of this kind of product so I was more than happy […]

Spinergy GX 700c wheels review

Wheels are one of the least comfort improving parts of the gravel bike. At least according to Cervelo. But still there are companies that make claims of improved comfort when using their wheels or rims. Spank with Vibrocore foam is […]

Argon 18 Dark Matter

Argon 18 Dark Matter bike review

In my quest for comfort, I sometimes forget that even the best comfort without the fun of riding is worth nothing. Dark Matter gravel bike from Argon 18 reminded me what gravel riding is all about. Yes, it is definitely […]

650b wheels and tires

650b vs 700c: which is more comfortable? Part 2.

In part one of my 650b vs 700c shootout I concluded that 700c is a better choice for someone looking for a comfy ride. But then I was doing all the tests on my benchmark bike fully equipped with comfort […]

Redshift suspension seatpost

Redshift suspension seatpost review

There is a lot of suspension seastposts on the market.  And now we have another one: suspension seastpost from a company that made a very well received suspension stem. Redshift’s seastpost not only looks interesting but also promises a great […]